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How to Choose the Right Designer

Finding the right designer for any project, whether it's graphic, website, logo or any other kind of design can be difficult. There's so many of them out there! So, how do you pick the right one for you? Here's the five steps we recommend: 1. What Do You Need? Define Your Business Requirements. Everything that represents your business has a voice. Identify yours. Put together a mood board, or gather a list of designs that you want yours to be inspired by. If it's a logo, gather 2-5 logos you love. If it's a website, gather 2-5 websites you love. If it's a poster, grab different designs you love. Any designer you work with should be happy to look at your references! 2. Check Out Their Portfolio Work. Thoroughly! This is equally as important as figuring out what you want to express. Find a designer that has the skill sets you need. Take the time to really go through their portfolio - are you confident they can put together what you need? Do they have anything in their work like your vision? If not, check out some more designers! If you want a minimalist logo/brand, don't go for a designer that only showcases complex designs! If you want a modern website, hire a designer that reflects that! There's enough designers out there that someone out there is an expert at creating exactly what you're looking for.

3. Chat With Them. Yes, More Than One!

The best designs are the ones that were communicated effectively. Are there any communication barriers? When you asked for a proposal, did they seem genuinely interested in providing the work you outlined? Do they seem friendly, and willing to understand your desires and not just throw together something they think you might like? Reach out to more than just one designer. You'll get a feel for their induction process and what they might be like to work with. Then you can make an educated guess about who's going to be the best fit for your designs.

4. Evaluate Their Offer. Price Versus Value! Great, you met with a designer who has amazing portfolio work and everything's set... Almost. Take some time and evaluate their offer. Make sure you're getting all the components you need. Some of the most common missteps we see are: Incomplete Brand Guides! A brand guide typically includes these 5 elements:

  • Logo/Logo Guide

  • Color Palette (Main/Core and Secondary)

  • Typography

  • Imagery Guidelines

  • Voice

Logos Without Design Files

  • Make sure you're getting more than just one version! You want the editable and vector file types too! The most common file types are: .ai .eps .svg .png .jpg.

Websites Without All Necessary Functions

  • If you need a form, make sure your designer is capable of that. If you need a forum, where members of your website can post and comment, make note of that! There are many potential requirements, ask your designer if they're capable of them before signing a contract.

5. Trust Your Gut. No, Really.

If you have a bad feeling about a designer, don't go with them. Move on to the next!

Good luck out there! And just a reminder, we offer free, no commitment consultations. Even if you don't end up working with us, we're happy to help you discuss your design needs.

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