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Preparing to Submit Website Revisions

Preparing to submit a website revision can be hard to convey sometimes, we get it. Whether you're working with us, or another designer - here's a great guide and template to making sure you communicate your changes effectively! Guide: 1. Breakdown your revisions by page (Menu, About Us....)

2. Be thorough in your review for revisions, check every page!

3. Check your site for mobile compatibility. Over 50% of searches are made on mobile devices!

4. Avoid leaving vague comments, such as "I don't like the feel". Tell your designer what you'd like:"I'd like this to feel more upbeat overall, let's add some more color!"

5. If your website has forms, or any other sort of visitor-interactive function, test them. Here's an Example: Overall: The site has all the functions we need, but I'd like to hone in the design a bit more.


1. Change the background image to the kite surfing photo

2. Center the logo at the top of the page

3. I feel like this page is too bland, can we add some more design and color to it? About Us 1. Change the wording from "Established in 2016" to "Born in 2016"

2. On mobile, the font is a bit small.

3. Add "Let's Chat!" button to the bottom

4. Let's add a Google Maps plugin here, our offices are in Bend, OR.


1. Can we make the portfolio work larger on this page? Maybe one or two designs a row instead of three?


1. This page is good to go! There you have it, a quick list of all your revision changes. Some designers might provide you with a similar format, but feel free to use ours as a back up! It can also be helpful for you to understand the basics of website layouts. Here's an informative blog on "Understanding Website Layouts"!

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