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Why Use a One Page Website?

Sometimes, less really is more. A big website with 10 or more pages isn't always what you need - or your customers. Simplicity is key, the average website visit is 54 seconds. That means you have less than a minute to attract and retain the viewer to your services. Can you really blame them though? Google pulls up millions of results, if they don't see what they want, it's easier to hit the back button and find a different result than it is to navigate an over complicated, messy website. So, make it easy on them. One page, straight to the point, no tomfoolery and missing your potential connection because some web designer said "Yeah, more pages will totally help", while invoicing you $99+ per page they add. Let's talk in depth about the PROS of a one page website. Simplifying Your Message Few customers actually want to go searching for their answers, actually, probably no one does. So get your key selling points, your contact information and anything else they need to know right out in front of them. Every click your user has to make to get what they want, is another click you might lose them on. A one page website ensures all your important information is right up front. Mobile Optimization

Over 50% of internet searches these days are made on mobile devices. If we're being honest, while our handheld gadgets are incredibly useful, sometimes they're not the best for website browsing. A one page website takes the pain out of mobile browsing - all they have to do is scroll and they'll learn everything they need to know about you, your business or your event. Faster Loading

More pages means more coding, more coding means slower loading times. Let's say they're still on dial-up, or they're out camping in the mountains with one bar of service - can you blame them for not wanting to wait for your giant dinosaur of a website to load? We can't either. One page websites simply have less to load, which means your customer can find what they need faster. Wondering if a One Page Website is for you? Check out our blog on who's best served by these kind of websites here.

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